In harsh conditions it is not uncommon that young people are discouraged to take part in school activities. However, we believe that education is one of the most efficient ways of improving living standard.

The project will directly give the youths in Gaza the means and long term ability to
share their ideas and thoughts about democratisation and respect for freedom of opinion, or merely give an expression for that process.

This is partly achieved through workshops held on site. The amount of workshops is a quantitative goal, but on a qualitative level, it builds the capacity and ability amongst the young to represent their interests and believes. The workshops in English will improve their language skills, as a tool in reaching beyond the isolated situation in Gaza. The creative writing workshops will
provide them with confidence to speak freely and unhindered from their current living situation.

The partaking young people of Gaza will enable life long skills in English, as well as skills in describing their realities and thoughts, which is crucial for raising the future voice of Gaza in media and journalism.