The lack of material is an issue in Gaza, but also school activities with connections to the outside world are uncommon. The project therefore offers the youths of Gaza a short story writing competition, with the ultimate goal of international publication.

We believe that the short story writing competition will attract youngsters in Gaza to activities that concern reading, writing and using the English language and thereby inspiring to further studies. The two previous projects spanned students from all financial backgrounds and areas of Gaza.

The short story writing competition is a result of the youths partaking in English- and creative writing workshops. It gives them tools to think creatively and tell the world their story and perspective, as well as empower them to speak up and influence opinion in their domestic political situation. This also gives Gaza citizens power over their own story and narrative. The ten best short stories are selected by a jury of acknowledged Swedish authors, artists, journalists and members of parliament. An anthology is printed and distributed in Gaza and Sweden.